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Hi there, I'm Sina 👋

Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Saman Pordanesh, but you can call me Sina. Software Engineer and a fan of technology, is any shape. Here is an extension of my resume where you can explore my activities in more detail. Feel free to browse through my blogs to discover additional aspects of my work and interests.

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Recent Projects

Developed a BERT-based NLP model using modern GenAI, Fine-Tuning & MLOps practices, integrating advanced data handling, evaluation, and scalable deployment techniques to enhance performance and reproducibility.

Project Web Design
🔗 SigmaPilot - GenAI LLM Code Reviewer Chatbot
AI Research

A VSCode extension that enhances code reviews using GenAI. Integrates local and remote LLMs, focusing on user privacy and operational efficiency, transforming software development practices.

Project Maps
🔗 LLM in RE - GPT3.5 & GPT4 Testing
Reverse Engineering
AI Research

"Exploring the Capabilities of Large Language Models in Binary Reverse Engineering." Here, we delve into the fascinating world of applying advanced AI models, particularly GPT-4, to the nuanced field of reverse engineering.

Project Fire

In this project, we predict Falcon 9 first stage landing success to estimate launch costs. SpaceX's reusable first stages reduce costs to $62 million versus $165 million from competitors. Accurate predictions aid competitive bidding against SpaceX.

Project Fire

This project utilizes data science and machine learning techniques to analyze and predict Netflix viewership and IMDb ratings. The primary dataset, released by Netflix, contains around 18,000 movie titles with their viewing hours, enriched with additional data from the OMDB API.

Project Fire
🔗 Flight Delay Estimation - Big Data Analysis
Data Science
Big Data Analysis

This project uses machine learning and PySpark to predict flight arrival delays from a 2007 U.S. flight dataset, exploring models like Random Forest and Linear Regression to enhance airline efficiency and passenger experience.

Recent Certifications
Recent Academic Activities
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Leveraging Large Language Models to Obscure Code Stylometry: A Comparative Study of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4
(On going research...)

Resume - July 2024
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